Finding a piece of peace

I love my home, but I also love my adopted home. There are so many differences and so many similarities between the two places I call home: Cape Town and London (read more about that here).

 Cape Town is like a slow leisurely drive on a Sunday afternoon, with the fresh breeze blowing through your hair and the sun setting just behind the mountain top. London is a little more like changing into fifth gear, putting the full weight of your foot on the accelerator, running a red and coming to a screeching halt outside the Morley’s down the road.
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Over the past year and a half, I’ve experienced so many changes in my life: new job; new flat; new-ish country; new friends and plenty of new adventures. It’s been a busy time with so many adjustments, many disappointments, major heartaches, many celebrations, many frustrations and many unbelievable moments. With so many changes it can be hard to keep grounded and I can honestly say that it’s been a bit of an emotional roller coaster.

For the longest time, I’ve been struggling to find a balance in my life. You know how it goes, as soon as one area of your life is going great, suddenly something happens in a different area of your life and totally upsets the rhythm of your flow.

Living at full-speed in a such a busy city, where FOMO is a real thing, it’s often tough to find a little peace. But  after a lot of soul-searching, I’ve  finally come to realise the value of down time and giving your soul some room to breathe.

As a serial over-committer,  carving out some ‘me time’ is still something I have to work very hard at, but I’m getting better at it. Also, I now have no shame in admitting that I won’t make it for your 10am brunch date next Sunday, as I have a plans with my duvet and my new book! LONG LIVE CHILL DAYS!!!


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Have you forgotten?


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Have you forgotten how brave you are? How tall you are when you straighten your spine and square up your shoulders?

Have you forgotten how beautiful you are? Even though I’ve told you million times, even though we’ve all told you?

Have you forgotten how strong you are and how you always stand up for what you believe in, even when it’s not popular?

Have you forgotten what a big heart you have and how you never hesitate to share it with those around you?

Have you forgotten how many times you’ve picked me up from the dark, dusty, depths and taught me to believe in myself again?

Have you forgotten how fiercely you protect those you love, without ever flinching at the thought of your well-being?

Have you forgotten my dear? Have you forgotten that you are all these things and more? Have you truly forgotten?

For I have not, I have always been in your corner. I have been here, waiting, watching and willing your heart to remember.

To remember that you are brave, you are fierce, you are beautiful, you are important and you are enough. You are and always have been more than enough! Never forget it!


The road back home


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I’ve lived away from my family for most of my twenties. At first being in a new country and discovering new things about myself and the world was the most exciting journey of discovery and the longing was only minimal.

I’d regularly make the long journey home to see family and friends. Getting a quick glimpse of the highlights, which usually included births, deaths, love, careers and the latest gossip.

These brief encounters always repeated, like the latest trailers, only showing the best bits. And part of me was happy to get a snapshot of people’s lives without delving too deep into the details, making it seem like a picture book fairytale. All the mundane day-to-day stripped away, all the drama, big losses, hurt and regrets placed neatly in a corner, to be dealt with another time, another day.

Truth is, as I’ve gotten older, I realise how much I’ve missed out on, living so far away from relatives and friends. The big milestones like weddings and births, but more so the mundane everyday things. Lunch with my mum, spa days with my sister, barbecues with the family and gossip sessions over red wine with my best friend.

Time moves so quickly and before you know it, it’s been a week, a month, a year and you’ve missed out on so much. Yes there’s the phone, Skype, email and Whatsapp, but inevitably there is no replacement for being there in the moment.

Louis Hung said it well: “Communities and families are not built on huge extravaganzas or the occasional, remarkable occurrence; they are built on the intimacy of everyday. With my family and friends, I have not shared such an intimacy in years. Sometimes I feel like an outsider. In many ways I actually am an outsider.” You can check out her post here:

100 Things To Do Before I Die

Well, now this list is one that I’ve been writing for a while and although I haven’t quite reached 100 yet, it’s a work in progress and I can proudly say that I’ve managed to accomplish many of the things on my Bucket List. I’ll share with you a few of the things I’m dying to do and others I have yet to achieve or work up the courage to do. So, here goes….

1. Go bungee jumping
(Eeeek!!! I’m still working up the courage for this one)

3. Obtain a degree
(Nearly there, only another 7weeks to go :D)

11. Live in a foreign country for at least one year
(Mission accomplished, due to a two year Gap Year in London)

17. Learn at least one African language
(Uh, Uhm! A bit of a tongue twister, but I’m determined to get it ticked off)

20. Get my Driving License
(…and third time’s a charm 😉

24. Visit India
(The magical land of curry and saris and of course Slumdog Millionaire, is an absolute must do!)

34. Learn Karate
(It’s never too late to learn right, besides, self defence is a great skill to have)

47. Own my own Coffee Shop
(I’m working on it, but the idea already in place- read more about it here)

51. Climb Table Mountain
(Check and check. I’ve done it a few times now, so I can definitely check that one off the list)

64. Take a Photography Course
(Something I’ve always wanted to do and hopefully next year I’ll be able to tick this off my list)

I actually revisited this list at the beginning of the year and for a long time, it’s always just been a list that I constantly add to of stuff I hope to do one day, but after thinking about it some more, I realised that I actually need to start ticking off the things on my lists.

I don’t want to be one of those people, who are old and grey, with one year left to live and trying to accomplish a list of things I made 50 or 60 years. So I decoded it was time to start ‘doing’. I want to do this stuff now, while I’m young and full of energy and while I can still remember the relevance of why I put certain things on the list. So these are a few of the things on my incomplete Bucket List. I hope to be able to tick everything off my list before I die, which hopefully wont be anytime soon.

So, what’s on your list?

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My big fat BIG dream

So I’ve always had this dream and perhaps it’s a bit random, but my big dream isn’t really that big at all. I’ve always wanted to own my own little bakery and coffee shop. A cute, cosy little place that’s always warm and sends smells of cinnamon and vanilla travelling down the street, luring passers-by to come inside.

A place where fresh coffee is always brewing and the sofas are so big you can sink into them. With bookshelves lining the left wall and poetry on the right. It’d be an insomniacs paradise, open 24 hours a day and always cooking up a storm. A snug little refuge where old and new friends gather, where lovers whisper to each other behind old books and family come to indulge their sweet tooth.

The food would of course be out of this world amazing, with everything from halloumi and avo bagels to Nutella and banana pancakes. Oh and cupcakes of course, there’d be plenty of those. The aroma of home-made hot chocolate with a hint of chilli to warm you on wintry nights and refreshing age old recipe ginger beer or lemonade for those hot summer days.

My dream is to have a place where people come together to share. Share food, share love, share life stories, share time, share dreams  and visions, share ideas and inspirations. Beacuse after all, sharing is caring….and that’s my big fat BIG dream 😀

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