Have you forgotten?


Image cred: blkwomenart.com  

Have you forgotten how brave you are? How tall you are when you straighten your spine and square up your shoulders?

Have you forgotten how beautiful you are? Even though I’ve told you million times, even though we’ve all told you?

Have you forgotten how strong you are and how you always stand up for what you believe in, even when it’s not popular?

Have you forgotten what a big heart you have and how you never hesitate to share it with those around you?

Have you forgotten how many times you’ve picked me up from the dark, dusty, depths and taught me to believe in myself again?

Have you forgotten how fiercely you protect those you love, without ever flinching at the thought of your well-being?

Have you forgotten my dear? Have you forgotten that you are all these things and more? Have you truly forgotten?

For I have not, I have always been in your corner. I have been here, waiting, watching and willing your heart to remember.

To remember that you are brave, you are fierce, you are beautiful, you are important and you are enough. You are and always have been more than enough! Never forget it!