La Vie Simple

 a.k.a. The Simple Life

A few weekends ago I spent some time on what my best friend and I affectionately call ‘the farm’ or what is better known to others as Clanwilliam. I decided to make the long trip to this little ‘town’ outside of Cape Town to spend some time with my Bestie and her hubby who recently moved down there for work purposes.

The drive down there took forever and the more we drove, the more I felt as if any and all elements of my city life were disappearing before my eyes. Looking out at the huge expanse of dry land, all I could see for miles were mountainous landscapes and dams in between. I was expecting to arrive to at a tiny little town with gravel roads and perhaps one general store, but I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by what I found.

So there may not have been a shopping district as I know it, but there was in some sense a town centre, with all the major bank branches, a Spar, a restaurant and even a local pub, all of which ran on ‘country time’ (i.e. no after hours shopping). Despite this however, I thoroughly enjoyed soaking up ‘The Simple Life’ and the many great things it had to offer.

For starters, no one told me how freakin’ fantabulous the champagne is out in the country, but I certainly took full advantage of this. Then there’s the beautiful landscapes, which are simply breathtaking and the fresh air, which is nothing like the smog-filled city air and made me want to bottle up a few litres to take back with me. The best part of the weekend though was the people.

There’s something very endearing about small town people that just creeps right into your heart. They’re the most accommodating people ever, who will go out of their way to try and help you even if they don’t know you and especially if you’re an out-of-towner. There’s also the courtesy factor, where everyone greets everyone, despite them being strangers to each other and it certainly is true what they say about news spreading fast in a small town, because everyone either knows you within the first 24hours of you being there or they’re sure to know about you.

I thoroughly enjoyed my ‘mini-break’ to the farm and it certainly made me appreciate the great outdoors, made me believe in the good of humankind again and made me realise that sometimes less really is more.

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