Shits and Giggles

Okay, so I’ve got a little confession to make. I have this thing for awesome ‘loos’. Not just your standard, ordinary old toilet. I’m talking the really fancy ones with gadgets and buttons and wash settings. I could spend ages in the ‘lavvy’ just checking out all the different features and having an all round fun time :D. Now, I’m certainly no ‘potty head’, I just find the latest inventions of ‘super-powered’ ‘johns’ absolutely freakin’ awesome. So just for shits and giggles, here’s my absolute favourites:

Top 5 Luscious Loos/ Crafty Cans/ Plush Potties

5. Modern Toilet Restaurant (Taiwan)
Okay, so this is somewhat of a unappetising idea that seems to have kicked off really well in Taiwan. Come and have a crap on our crappers, while you eat crap, seems to be the general theme. But you’ve gotta give them credit for their crappy creativity 😀 Visit their toilets online here.

4. Tate Museum Two-way mirrored toilet (London) 

An awesome, yet somewhat risqué potty experience. Imagine looking at the world outside while having a crap. Ha ha ha!

3. Fire and Ice Hotel (Cape Town)
For a unique and local crapping experience try out the Protea Fire & Ice Hotel in Cape Town, with themed lavatories. Check out the Louis Armstrong themed toilet, or the outback Long Drop, or the naughty naked themed loo, they’re all worth a visit.

2. Yo Sushi! Soho (London) Yes I go there for the absolutely yummiest sushi in town, but not before I pay a visit to my most favourite bathroom in London Town. Their Japanese crappers are so luxurious there are even low, high and medium settings to have your ass washed and blow dried. I kid you not! 

1. Swarovski Crystal Toilet (Hollywood) 
This beauty gets first place, because who doesn’t want a freakin’ Swarovski Crystal Throne huh? This beaut is set with 50,000 Swarovski crystals and costs a hefty $75, 000.

Oh and just as an added bonus, ever noticed how many colourful words there are to describe a toilet: pot; lavatory; crapper; lav; bathroom; lavvy; can; john; pivvy; commode; potty; stool; throne; long drop; earth closet; shitter; and tons more. 

And finally for your entertainment, while you’re enjoying some quality time in the john, I thought Kate Nash’s Shit Song would be more then appropriate. Enjoy!

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