A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across this little experiment called the Blogfest, co-hosted by fellow blogger Matthew MacNish. As a social media devotee, I thought it my duty to share the concept with all of you.

The idea behind it is to introduce three of your favourite blogs to your readers and then visit the list of blogs, which other bloggers (participating in the blogfest) have nominated as their favourites. The point of it all is to start following other blogs that might have flown under your radar before and possibly find bright, shiny new blogs that tickler your fancy. In short; Pay it forward.

So, although the list (see it here) has now officially closed and I’m a little late to getting this news out to all of you, here are some of my absolute favourite blogs

1. For quirky little tales of adventure and random little tit-bits about foreign colleagues, you need to check out Peas on Toast.

2. For all the latest gossip and having a go at silly celebrities, I simply love Hurricane Vanessa

3. For hilarious emo comics and rants over turnstiles, Candy for Breakfast always makes my day.

4. For daily little bouts of inspiration and to really get your taste buds watering, Jhordan’s Sister is the ultimate indulgence.

5. For absolutely gorgeous photographs of the cutest little couples, Roberta De Lilly’s shots are my absolute favourite.

6. For extremely witty and sarcastic humour, I find The Oatmeal, absolutely hilarious!

Ok, so I know that’s more than three, but hey, at least I didn’t give you my entire blog roll. Check out these really awesome blogs and get a taste of something different. 


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