Best Friends & Bridesmaids

This post is about two weeks delayed, but never the less, here it is.

Today I said goodbye to my best friend which wast the weirdest thing ever. You see, I’ve gotten so used to saying my goodbyes to my family and friends every time I jet off on another one of my ‘expeditions’ that its gotten a lot easier to wave goodbye without all the waterworks. But this time around, I was the one staying putt and watching her drive off to a new town and a new life.

You see my BFF and I have been practically joined at the hip for the past 14 years and no matter how near or far we are from each other, we’ve always been very involved in each other’s lives. Its one of those friendships where you can not see the other person for over a year and when you meet up again, you simply pick up right where you left off; or where you argue about something trivial and after a week of not speaking to each other, you forget what the argument was all about, because you’re simply bursting to talk to each other.

Our friendship has been a long and winding journey and there have been many bumps along the way, but despite the rough patches, we’ve managed to stick it out. When we were younger, our biggest issues were boy crushes and our parents, who just ‘didn’t get us’. But, now that we’re all grown up, we’ve discovered that there’s a whole new level of friendship to be explored in our ‘adulthood’. Last year. my BFF and her long time boyfriend tied the knot and I had the honour of being her Maid of Honour. This was the speech I said at her wedding, which I think chronicles the history of our friendship up to our current point quite well, I’ve used pseudos for their names (RJ= My BFF; D= My BFF’s Hubby):

It’s very surreal for me to be standing here today witnessing my Best Friend marrying the love of her life, as I remember the first day R.J. arrived in my Grade 4 class like it was yesterday. This loud mouthed girl with pitch black hair and a whole lotta guts. I found her so intimidating at first, that it was only sensible that we started out as arch enemies. 

Luckily, that soon changed and before long, we became inseparable. We’ve been friends for 14 years, that’s a long time, a lot of memories and a lot of ups and downs. Like the time R.J. and her family relocated to the US and I thought I’d lost my best friend forever. Or the time we didn’t speak to each other for a year because of some stupid argument. 

Today is another memorable moment and luckily this one is a positive one. When RJ and her beau first started dating, I’d already known him for a while and for the life of me I couldn’t understand what my friend saw in this guy. I had come to know him as a very quiet and shy guy and literally had to drag any conversation out of him, whereas RJ was the complete opposite. 

I remember how excited and nervous RJ was when they first started dating (a bit like she was today) and her admitting to me how terrified she was that D would try and kiss her, as she didn’t know how it was meant to be done or if she was any good at it. Well, I’m sure that by now, you’ve both mastered the technique. 

I was very territorial when they first started dating, as I didn’t want just any guy messing around with my BFF and I’m sure that D can attest to the fact that I gave him a really hard time. I should probably apologise for that now, but lets just agree that it made you a stronger man and a lot more determined 😉

To D I’d like to say thank you for putting up with RJ and my hour long conversations, our midnight meltdowns and our many, many sleep overs; as I’m sure you’d have loved to have her all to yourself every now and then. Thanks you for loving my best friend and for being the man that she deserves. 

To my Best Friend, thank you for your friendship all these years. I love you to bits and I’m overjoyed that you’ve found someone to love and make you happy. 

To the both of you, I’d like to offer some words of wisdom, but since I’ve never been married before , I’d like to draw from my life experience and say that: I believe that all you’ll ever need to know, you learned at Pre-school, so remember:

1) Share everything- love, sorrow, joy, pain and especially the bed covers

2) Play fair- in work and in play

3) Don’t hit people- or throw potatoes at them RJ (inside joke)

4) Put things back where you found them

5) Always say please and thank you

6) Clean up your own mess

7) Say you’re sorry when you hurt someone

8) Wash your hands before you eat

9) Ask for help when you need it- especially when you’re too proud to admit it

10) …and most importantly, remember to flush!

I wish you both more happiness than your heart can hold. Congratulations and Thank You!

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