My big fat BIG dream

So I’ve always had this dream and perhaps it’s a bit random, but my big dream isn’t really that big at all. I’ve always wanted to own my own little bakery and coffee shop. A cute, cosy little place that’s always warm and sends smells of cinnamon and vanilla travelling down the street, luring passers-by to come inside.

A place where fresh coffee is always brewing and the sofas are so big you can sink into them. With bookshelves lining the left wall and poetry on the right. It’d be an insomniacs paradise, open 24 hours a day and always cooking up a storm. A snug little refuge where old and new friends gather, where lovers whisper to each other behind old books and family come to indulge their sweet tooth.

The food would of course be out of this world amazing, with everything from halloumi and avo bagels to Nutella and banana pancakes. Oh and cupcakes of course, there’d be plenty of those. The aroma of home-made hot chocolate with a hint of chilli to warm you on wintry nights and refreshing age old recipe ginger beer or lemonade for those hot summer days.

My dream is to have a place where people come together to share. Share food, share love, share life stories, share time, share dreams  and visions, share ideas and inspirations. Beacuse after all, sharing is caring….and that’s my big fat BIG dream 😀

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