You cannot chase two rabbits at the same time

Well, in the literal sense, I’d say that’s rather accurate. My best friend lives not too far away from me and often when she and her family go away for a few days they ask me to look in on their house and feed their animals. A few weeks ago was just such an occasion, my Bestie and her family had gone away for the weekend and I’d gone to check in on their ‘farm’ (backyard), which contains four geese and two rabbits.

On previous occasions, the task of feeding the animals had gone quite smoothly, without much drama. However, on this specific Sunday in August the task was a bit more challenging. I arrived to be greeted by one very aggressive goose and rabbits that seemed to be in hiding. While trying to avoid said goose, I embarked  on my search for the two rabbits, Coco & Annabel who both seemed to scoot off in one direction or the other whenever I spotted them. 
Eventually, after a panicked phone call to my friend, I managed to locate the rabbits laying snuggled up together in a sunny spot at the back of the ‘farm’. I always used to think that rabbits were really cute and admittedly they are all fuzzy and teddy-like, but darn are they sneaky little buggers. 
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