Almost, but not quite (The Obstacles of Long Distance Love)

I miss your smell and how it always lingers on my clothes.
I miss you holding my hand when I walk into a room and making me feel ten feet tall.
I miss your silly jokes and how they always cheer me up.
I miss laying my head on your chest without a care in the world.

I miss your messy hair and how it never seems to stay in place no matter how hard you try and make it.
I miss your laugh and your childish sense of humour.
I miss your big bear hugs and how safe they make me feel.
I miss just hanging out with you and how you just being there makes the dreariest day seem like a ray of bloody sunshine.

I miss you and me.
I miss us together in the same place, at the same time, on the same continent, in the same city.
I miss just being near you.
And although I know this distance wont last forever, I still miss you all the time.

Sometimes I feel as if I could almost reach out and touch you, but you’re not quite near enough. Almost, but not quite.

Image source: Google Images


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