Now put your hands up in the air and wave ’em round like you just don’t care

How hard is it to follow instructions? Apparently not very hard for the 3000+ participants who partook in The MP3 Experiment in New York. Participants were all instructed to download the same MP3 file, which contained an original mix of music and voice instructions. Then they all had to show up at different (pre-allocated) stores in New York’s Times Square and at precisely 18h00 they were all instructed to press play.

This is what happened: The MP3 Experiment Seven

My point? Well aside from the obvious fact that’s it’s just pretty darn freakin’ cool, it also happens to prove that people are able to follow instructions at random and this is not necessarily determined by who the instructor is, as in the case of this experiment. Dude! It’s just cool, coz I said so 😉

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