With great power comes great responsibility

a.k.a A skill set called leadership

I believe it was Voltaire who first said that and I’ve gotta give the guy credit for his wisdom, but then Spider-Man came along and said it too. I believe that one of the greatest roles in life is that of a leader. It requires a certain set of skills, a certain amount of knowledge and a huge amount of humility. Most of these skills can be learnt through a text book or by observation or even through experience, but the crux of a leader is his humility, something which no academic course, church leader or book can teach a human being.

I think that everyone one of us on this earth has a responsibility, not only to ourselves, but also to the universe, to learn as much as we can; achieve as much as we can and stretch ourselves as much as possible for however long we are put on this earth for. For some of us, this may mean assuming leadership positions, while for others this may require positions of service. Having been in many leadership positions in the past and present, I can honestly say that I am still learning many things and can only hope that the responsibility which is placed in my hands will always overshadow the power.

Image source: http://solar.envirohub.net/images/solar-power.jpg


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