Sister, sister

Most people who know me would know that I come from a rather big family. Being five kids and all it’s always difficult for people to keep track of who’s married to whom and which kids belong to which parents and who the actual brother and sister are and who the in-laws are. All in all it’s a bit of a nightmare trying to put the whole picture together, which is why I normally don’t bother trying to explain in the first place.

But, that being said, to me it’s pretty straight forward. We may all be grown up now and have kids and families, but my brothers and sister are still the people I grew up with. My sibling have tortured me, supported me, endured me, nagged me and helped me back up on my feet more times than I could dare to count. There’s quite an age gap between my three brothers and I, but my sister and I being the last two kids to arrive on the scene, have always had a certain bond.
I remember growing up, I simply worshipped my sister. She was older and cooler and had so many friends in the neighbourhood and although I knew I couldn’t be one of her friends (because I was her baby sister and obviously wasn’t cool enough), just being near her made me feel special. Growing up we had our usual teenage battles. At first we’d shared a room, which had proven to be a nightmare. You see my sister lived in organised chaos and I detested it. We’d fight all the time about ‘who stole my earrings’ and ‘who shrunk my sweater in the wash’ and ‘who’s turn it was to feed the dogs’.
But we’d also talk till all hours of the morning about our celebrity and real life crushes, about fights with friends and how our parents were just so old school. We’d lay in bed for hours chatting away, ignoring my mum’s hushed tone telling us to go to sleep. Other times we’d sit in the bathroom chatting away as we went about our business and other times I’d leave the room while chatting to her on the phone so we could chat about all the things we really wanted to say to each other, but couldn’t in front of everyone else.

As we grew older our conversations began to change as we shared life issues, love, disappointments, heart aches, achievements, future plans and fears. We’re all grown up now and though our lives have moved in different directions and one of us is always jetting off in one direction or another, there’s one thing that has remained constant, our bond. 
I can’t imagine a life without a sister like mine, because no one would ever understand me the way she does, no one would ever love me the way she does and no one knows how to bring me back down to reality better than she does. She’s the wisest person I know, as solid as a rock and she holds all my secrets wrapped up in her heart.

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