The package

It arrived on his doorstep wrapped up in shiny red paper with a big silver bow on top.
Not too heavy and not too big, just the right size and very attractive looking too.
In a rush of excitement he signed on the dotted line and rushed inside with his package.
Tearing off the shiny red paper as he went along and sending scraps of red flying everywhere.
Inside he found a box, neatly tied with string and quickly found a scissors to cut away the knot.

Curiously he opened up the box, filled with anticipation and eager to see what it held.
He peeped inside to find nothing, nothing but empty air and a note which read:

I arrived on your doorstep on a sunny day, wrapped up real nice, all shiny and new.
Your eyes lit up when you saw me standing there holding my heart out to you.
I was so happy when you asked and I said I do.
I really loved you and I thought you loved me too.
So we walked down the isle and made precious vows.
We made so many promises and look where we are now.
The wrapping is gone now and all that’s left is just us two.
I’ve no gifts left to give and  it’s too late for sorries that are too long overdue.

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