New Tenants

I’ve got those butterflies again. Those little bugs that seem to creep into my system and shake me to the very core. I find myself day dreaming and shivers running down my spine at the most inconvenient times. I really wish they would behave, or at least practice a little more restraint, as they arrived ever so suddenly without any formal notice or even so much as a telephone call.

They always seem to drop by when I least expect, to complicate my very organised routine. They consume my every waking hour and I find these new tenants rather intrusive, fluttering about. I find myself scribbling meaningless notes and drawing little hearts on tiny pieces of paper. I’ve had many guests before, but they are by far the worst and every time they leave, they tend to disappear without so much as a ‘thank-you’ or a postcard.

I’ve had it with these darn butterflies! As far as I’m concerned they may as well fly up a tree and climb back into the cocoons they came from. Everyone thinks they’re so pretty and adorable, completely ignoring the trail of destruction they leave behind with each visit. I really wish they’d go away and find a new landlord to bother. Find some place where they could afford to pay the rent and all the extra breakages they’re sure to cause , instead of free-loading at my heart’s expense.

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