The 10 most unexpected consequences of being online

1. Having full-on conversations with friends on Twitter, that you’ve never even met.

2. Finding answers to random things you’ve always wondered about and even more fascinating is the fact that someone out there in the universe, had the exact same random thought. e.g. How does one get birth marks?

3. The realisation that anything you say or post online can be used against you in a court of law or in the office tomorrow morning. 

4. Getting in touch with people you’d long forgotten or would rather avoid in real life, thanks to Facebook.

5. Realising that the average stranger could find out all about you in a matter of minutes and is entitled to his/her opinion online.

6. A sudden addiction to online shopping. e.g. I’ll just pop onto eBay for 5minutes to see if they have that pair of shoes I was looking at in my size and while I’m at it I might as well buy a milk frother, I’ve always wanted one of those and a mixer, since it’s only £7.99.

7. Knowing that no matter where you are in the world you’re never alone as long as you have Internet. Aaah, the wonders of the net.

8. Keeping a relationship going via Skype, even though you’re 5979 miles apart from your significant other.

9. Avoiding unwanted queues at banks, post offices, grocery stores or even shoe stores by doing everything electronically and getting whatever you need delivered to the comfort of your home (except for ADSL, you’ll have to go into a store for that unfortunately).

10. Realising that your entire life would ground to a halt, if the Internet were to suddenly die for even just an hour.  

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2 thoughts on “The 10 most unexpected consequences of being online

  1. Roslyn says:

    All so true! Especially feel you on the long distance relationship, and people you've long since forgotten or would otherwise not have cared to hear from ever again contacting you on facebook.


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