The elephant in the room

She sat in the corner and listened, listened as they spoke in heated tones, about her future. Round and round they went with their words forming circular stains around her heart. She had become so accustomed to this scenario, being an only child all her life her parents had always known best and always believed that their decisions would shape her future.

Although she knew this was true and she was grateful to them for providing for her all her life and putting her future first, she knew that things had changed. She was no longer a little girl and they no longer held the key to her future. She’d flown her parents nest and gone off to the big city with bright lights to work and explore.

In the process, she’d made some miraculous discoveries about the world, she’d fallen in-love and she’d finally figured out what she wanted. She no longer needed her parents to hold her hand or pay her bills. She’d returned home to tell her parents what she wanted and what she’d decided and they in turn proceeded to tell her what they wanted and why they were in charge, in an attempt to regain some form of control over their now grown up daughter.

They all sat there, her listening, her parents raising their voices and all the while everyone ignored the elephant in the room. Although her parents knew that they no longer made the decisions for the adult sitting in their living room, letting go of their only daughter seemed far too much to bear. She sensed their fears and hesitation and being the well-raised, respectful daughter that she was she waited until they had finished airing their views.

When the air seemed to settle she told them that she loved them, that she’d always be grateful for the role they have played in her life and that they would always play a part in her future. But that she was now a grown woman, ready to make her own decisions, make up her mind about what was best for her and suffer whatever consequences her choices dealt her. All she asked in return was that they respect and love her, as she did them.

Then she picked up her cane, kissed them goodbye and walked out the front door. As she stepped out into the bright Summers day, she felt the sun warm on her skin and although her world had always  been dark, she felt something she would never see, she felt a new dawn approaching.

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