Everyday is a good day

There once was a young boy full of hope and promise.
A top academic and a star athlete at his school, he’d made his parents proud and all his peers looked up to him. He was a cheerful guy, with a care-free spirit and a joke at the ready. The type of guy you’d want to bring home to your parents.

Then one night it all went horribly wrong when he headed home from a raucous party with some friends of his. The car collided head on with a 4×4, carrying a young family of four and killing all the passengers in both cars, all except one. The young boy had miraculously survived the crash.

The crash had left him paralysed from the waist down, half of his face had to be reconstructed and he had minimal use of his left hand. In an instant his whole life had been ripped out from beneath his feet and what once was a promising sports future was now non existent.

A news reporter interviewed him a few days after he was released from hospital and asked him what he had to look forward to now that his life had changed so dramatically. He looked at her with a knowing smile and the wisdom of a man four times his age, as he said: ‘I look forward to life. Everyday that I’m alive is a good day. I look forward to everyday.’

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