10 Things I Love About Winter…

1. Layering: Piling layers of clothing on your body because you can and having an excuse to wear a hoodie without looking like a Chav, because it’s Winter

2. Thick socks, the really chunky kind that makes you feel like a character out of Flash Dance

3. Bottomless Tea…keep that kettle on  

4. Laying in a snug & cosy bed as the rain beats down on the window pain

5. Yummy warm pudding coming out of the oven, with the steam still coming out of it. Hmmm.

6. Singing at the top of your voice as the storm rages outside, because the neighbours can’t tell the difference between you and the storm 🙂

7. Ice-cream, especially on those really chilli days, there’s nothing like sitting under the covers with a tub of  Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia.

8. Busy coffee shops, which just last week were only filled to half capacity as the sun shone outside, suddenly appear to have an overage of coffee lovers.

9. Bookshop browsing, my favourite pastime. 

10. Having an actual excuse to wear silly-looking fluffy slippers. 

Yip, yip, it’s official, I’m totally sold on Winter. 
Bring it on 😀

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