Excess Baggage

She took down her sturdy suitcase from the top rack of her wardrobe and proceeded to bundle all her burdens into the chequered lining of the interior, until every inch of it was completely covered in her sorrows and her pains. She left in a hurry, dragging along her bag of burdens and stopping along the way for a quick dose of worry, and some guilt for good measure.

She travelled around from one nameless place to the next, dragging along her burdens as she went along and collecting more as she went on her way. And although her baggage was bulging at the seems and the weight was far too much too bear, she never complained, never asked for help. So she went about her way, living her life from day to day, collecting an ounce of hurt here and a gram of regret there, constantly adding to her overflowing bag of burdens. 
She dragged along her bag of burdens wherever she would go and people would stop and stare in wonder and bewilderment thinking what a heavy bag for such a very little person. But she never moaned or questioned the weight of her big bag, simply resigning herself to the fact that it was the weight she would have to bear. Then one day as she stood waiting at the bus stop, a familiar looking stranger said let me help you carry this, for it’s far too much to manage. 
As she heaved up one end of the heavy bag of burdens and helped her on the bus, she smiled a warm, carefree smile, and memories of a young woman long forgotten came flooding back and reminded her that she didn’t have to carry the heavy load all on her own.   
a.k.a. Our greatest strengths are our greatest weaknesses 

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