In the silence

Take a step back, away from the chaos and listen to the stillness of the crowd.
Sometimes I get so lost in all the traffic of the voices and movement which fills my head, suffocates my space and disrupts the beautiful silence.

I’m breathing for the very first time, without any life support and it feels like something I’ve missed out on for an entire lifetime.
Here in this solitude I am a visitor and my presence feels almost intrusive.
I am filled with it,  surrounded by it and consumed by the beautiful silence.

And then… I’m gasping! My heart racing, my veins pumping, as I feel it slipping away.
My grasp cannot reach it’s vastness and I cannot hold onto this unattainable force.
In an instant it all comes flooding back and I’m rooted in my physical confinement, as the struggle within begins it’s course yet again.

The struggle for something fleeting and something the world seems to evade…..silence…
To most it represents an awkward stillness, a moment waisted, a rare occurence, but to me this is the very essence of bliss, which is just beyond my grasp.

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