Try a cliche

So I started thinking the other day about the numerous movie cliches which I love to hate. Like how in the movies a women’s make-up is always impeccable, even though she’s just woken up, after consuming several bottles of good wine the night before, she always looks like a goddess. Or when two guys are fighting over the same girl there always happens to be a fountain, or a puddle of mud or something equally messy nearby that they both tumble into.

How whenever the guy realises that the love of his life is about to get on a plane and he’ll never see her again (although there’ll be another flight out in an hour), there’s always a cab driver who is determined to drive at the slowest possible speed or get onto a highway where there’s back-to-back traffic and the guy is forced to jump out and run to the airport. (How heroic!)

Then there’s the minute the geeky girl walks into the ball, looking like a beautiful poofy princess and the whole room stops to stare as the music begins to play for her entrance and everyone else in the room starts moving in slow motion (a bit like people who are all tripping on E’s). Or whenever the guy has something really important to say to the girl or needs to apologise to her, he’ll be running after her and spot her just as the elevator doors close.

Oh and lets not forget the scene where a women’s about to give birth and her water breaks at the most inopportune time, like in the movies or in the middle of an argument, or better yet a street. She gets rushed to hospital and when she finally gets there, ends up spending hours in labour, shouting all sorts of profanities to those around her and when the baby eventually arrives, he/she is always pristine looking, not an ounce of blood or gunk in sight.

So, I’ve come to the conclusion that most, if not all, movies have a little bit of cliche in them, some more than others and although certain people would advise that you avoid cliches like the plague, I beg to differ. I think we thrive on cliches. Cliches are what keeps our imagination afloat and keeps our hearts aflutter. It gives us hope, makes us believe in the impossible and allows up to lose touch with reality every now and then. It’s what makes us believe that we’ll find ‘a pot of gold at every rainbows end’ and that ‘love truly does conquer all.’

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