Smelly Nelly

Last week, after finally acknowledging the change of season and digging into my winter wardrobe I came across a few familiar favourites which I’d long forgotten about. One of them was my all time favourite multi-coloured striped thermal vest. It’s the perfect combination of cozy, yet funky and the best part is that it keeps me warm without making me look like a granny with a vest draw 🙂

As I slipped on my old faithful to fend off the cold, so many familiar memories came floating back. It wasn’t so much the feel of the fabric on my skin or the funky colours, but more the smell. I hadn’t worn it since I’d been in London which seems like a lifetime ago and since it had been in storage for so long it still smelt of my good old Fairy Fabric Softener. The smell was intoxicating and kept me day dreaming for a good couple of hours.
You see, I get off on smells. Familiar scents always bring back memories in the truck loads, which I had no idea my memory bank had the capacity to store. I find a familiar smell so comforting, it’s like re-discovering something you’d long forgotten about and then feeling a flood of warm memories creep right up inside you. 
The smell of my vest brought back some other comforting memories of another lifetime. One of hour long bus journeys through the city and shopping trips to Oxford Street, of long walks in Hyde Park and Sunday afternoon picnics, of jazz clubs and dodgy alley ways, of  breakfasts at S&M Cafe and afternoon cream teas at Yumchaa
Whenever I visit my deceased grandparents’ house the smell always lingers on my clothes and I love it. The smell of the house is so familiar to me and it still smells exactly like I remember it as a kid. It smells of childhood memories. Memories of freshly baked cakes and vanilla ice-cream, of breakfast in bed and wax crayons used for colouring books, of bed time stories and good night prayers. 
Just the other day I was overcome by the sweet smell of watermelon in the air, considering it was pouring down with rain, I admit it was a bit odd, yet it evoked fond memories of care-free Summery days. I find the human sense of smell amazing and  I guess whoever said it was right when they said that you need to take the time to smell the roses or in my case, the watermelon. 

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