Dirty Little Secrets

I’ve reached a  stage in my life where I’ve realised that everybody has secrets and although I try to live a good, honest life and make a point of saying what’s on my mind, it’s not always as easy to say the things that matter most right out loud. That being said I do feel like a bit of a fraud when I’m not completely honest with people, but I’ve learnt that sometimes honesty really is not the best policy. 

Growing up I was always bad at lying and so whenever I’d get caught out for doing something I wasn’t supposed to be doing I’d avoid looking people in the eye, because I knew that the truth would be written all over my face, no matter what I said. I also learnt that telling lies was hard work, as you had to remember so much more. And lastly, I learnt that sometimes secrets are best kept to yourself. There’s this website that I like to visit sometimes called Post Secret and somehow I find it comforting to know that other people are carrying around secrets a lot bigger than my own. 
Post Secret is a community mail art project, which started out as an experimental Art Project in 2005 by a guy called Frank Warren. The idea behind the project was that people would anonymously share their secrets with the public on home made post cards and send them in to Post Secret. The site updates the secrets weekly, on a Sunday and has become so popular that there is even a Post Secret book and museum exhibition. Here are a few of my favourite Post Cards sent in by regular people like you and me. 

Picture credits: http://www.postsecret.com/

4 thoughts on “Dirty Little Secrets

  1. Kaif says:

    I love Post Secret, I think they released a book of it as well. Another project you might be interested in is a short film called “The Apology Line” where a film maker put an ad in the paper and invited people to call a number to apologise for things they have done. It's safe to say that things got very dark…


  2. Bilqees Hendricks says:

    How thoughtful, “I stick post-it notes in Library books I've read, hoping it'll make someone happy”
    Charne, I love your how interesting you always are, and I must say you surprise me everyday with your array of weird but cute interests.


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