Would I lie to you baby? Would I lie to you?… It is a poor idea to lie to yourself

My four year old nephew constantly brags, to me and anyone who will listen, about his BIG Red Ferrari. Which in all fairness is not a lie, his definition of ‘BIG‘ however is relative. Kids have a habit of battling and are often encouraged with the notion that ‘competition is healthy‘. Whether it be  the size of their father’s  car, their house, their mother’s handbag or even their own height, size really does matter in a child’s world.

I once knew a guy who always drove the latest BMW, dressed in the fanciest suits and appeared on many a VIP list. In short, he certainly knew how to talk the talk and walk the walk. He was very popular with the ladies and his bachelor pad on the beach front didn’t seem to hurt any. To the outside world he seemed to have it all- a young, successful bachelor with the world at his feet. But, what very few people knew was that he was up to his ears in debt. I asked him once why he didn’t simply downsize and start over and his simple, yet honest response was this: ‘it’s far better to live a lie than suffer the honest pity of society.’ 

Profound, yet sad at the same time. I suppose it’s simply easier for some people to live a lie than to face the brutal reality of who they really are. Some of us never grow up and still have that ‘BIG’ red Ferrari hidden under our beds, while the rest of us proudly drive around in our high mileage cars with no air-con, because life’s so much simpler when you just put it all out there.

Picture source: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2695/4479075202_ce0c3b2616.jpg


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