This is me

This is me, flaws and all. No pretences, no airs and graces, just plain old me.
I’m nothing special, no one famous and certainly not anyone you’d suddenly stop and stare at when you’re walking down the street.
I’m just an ordinary person, making the best of the one life I’ve been given and hoping, by God, that I’m doing a good job at it.

I’m not competing with anyone, because I can only be judged by my own standards and letting down myself would be my biggest failure.
I’m as lost as the next backpacking foreigner reading a map in a language I don’t understand and right now I don’t know where my life is going but I know that it’s moving.
I like taking risks because I believe it’s the only way to stretch myself and actually experience life at a high altitude. 

I’m the worst joke teller in history so I stick to sarcasm.
I secretly love Rom-Coms and Grey’s Anatomy always gets me all chocked up.
I love singing and karaoke really gets me off, as I get to play out my superstar alter ego .

I love travelling and I sleep with a huge world map above my bed with places marked out that I’d like to visit one day.
I hate politics and border patrols.
I think people were born free and then some cocky bastards decided to rule the world. 

I dislike rude people and I generally try to get along with everyone.
I think life’s too short to go through it making enemies or sticking to a clique when there’s a whole world of personalities out there that you’ve never even met. 
I love meeting new people and find people’s life experiences interesting and inspiring.

I invest in people, as I think that it’s the only share price that really matters in life. 
I’d like to think that I’m a good friend, one who really listens and cares and inspires you to push a little bit more when you’re near to breaking point.
My relationships with friends, lovers and family are the ones that matter the most to me.

I adore little people and take great pleasure in watching them grow and play.
A child’s innocence reminds me that no matter how far gone we might be, everyone was once just a simple child. 
I believe in the good of human nature and would like to believe that it will always prevail… eventually.

I am no more and no less than what I project.
I aspire to live a life of purpose and really make a change in the world, particularly in the lives of young children.
When I’m old and grey one day, sitting in my rocking chair enjoying a cup of tea, I hope to say that I made a difference and that my life counted for something, because after all, simply living is not enough. 

So now you know…This is me!


10 thoughts on “This is me

  1. aLexA jAcobs says:

    It was great getting to know you a little more yesterday. You seem like an awesome person and you've really been blessed with the gift of writing. Beautifully done Nay-Nay (that's my new name for you)…will definitely be coming back for more 🙂


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