Comfort in a cup


The smell of it freshly roasted.
The rich frothy milk on the top.
The creamy coloured tasty liquid.
The warm robust aroma.

I take a sip and swallow slowly.
The warmth travels down my throat and heats my entire body from the inside.
I feel a tingle from my lips down to my toes.
My whole being seems to inhale the scent.

I’m intoxicated with this sinful indulgence.
The pleasure it gives me is simply unmatchable.
It’s feels like a nice warm all embracing hug.
It restores the balance when I’m feeling slightly off centre…

and I call it comfort in a cup 🙂


2 thoughts on “Comfort in a cup

  1. SheBee says:

    Charne I love the creativity you put into this. Not quite what I had in mind, but you stuck with your niche and kept it to your style, so I can't argue with that.


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