The journey: Part I (A work in progress)

Author’s note: Just a little something I wrote about a year back and never quite finished. It’s still a work in progress as I’d like to develop the story a bit more, but I’m still unsure of the direction I’d like it to go in. Have a little read and let me know what you think 🙂

The sky is falling she cried, as she witnessed her entire life unravel beneath the weight of the storm clouds. Just then the heavens opened up and released a torrential downpour of rain and gale force winds. She stood rooted to the ground as she reflected on the events in her life which had brought her to this point.

For her this had been a journey of numerous discoveries and many years from now she would look back and recall all these memories, albeit somewhat unpleasant at times; what would make them so unique is that they belonged to her and her alone. This journey she had made alone, with many ‘if’s’; ‘but’s’; and ‘why’s’ along the way.

When she first set out she had countless questions. Questions about people, about how the world works and about why the earth turns. And now, at the end of her journey, she has no answers, the questions have simply changed. 

2 thoughts on “The journey: Part I (A work in progress)

  1. Johnlyn says:

    'Journey' is definately an apt description. My interpretation is that it depicts a young woman battling within herself whilst growing and trying to have the why's of life answered. Love your descriptive writing sis. I think B, you and I write descriptively ;)Will await Part II.


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