We are what we do…but are we really?

Of late I have been confronted with the question of what I’ll be doing with my PR degree and somehow I find it very difficult to answer that question, as the answer that people generally expect to hear is something along the lines of ‘I plan to further my studies and do my Masters;’ ‘I want to work for a consultancy;’ ‘I’d like to work in a corporate environment;’ or ‘I’d like to start my own events company.’

Unfortunately or fortunately none of these statements apply to me, as I am still undecided about what I desire for my future beyond this year. I have a keen interest in many things and I intend to explore as many of these interests as I can, as long as I have the capability to do so.

I’d like to explore teaching one day as I believe that it is one of the most humbling vocations which is highly undermined. I’m also interested in communications, as I think that as humans we so often get it wrong and that sometime the simplest solution is clear communication. I’ve always been interested in radio broadcasting and perhaps I’ll spend some time looking into that one day. I’m a keen writer and at some stage in my life I’d like to indulge in some creative writing. There are so many things I’d like to do and I only hope I have enough time on this earth to explore them all.

Although many of these fields may not be remotely related PR, I am not at all bothered by that, as I think the best qualification one can have is life experience. A while back, in a frenzied state of panic, I chatted to my sister about how none of my plans for the near future seemed to involve PR, yet this was my major. She said something to me which I’ll never forget, ‘the great thing about studying is that we don’t have to become what we study, it’s merely a learning process.’

I thought that this summed it up perfectly. So many of us are concerned with becoming lawyers or doctors or business analysts, because that is what we studied, paying no regard to the fact that we no longer have an interest in that field or that there are other areas we wish to explore. The great thing about this generation is that we have so many possibilities available to us, that are ripe for the picking. Where in the past our parents and grandparents were limited to becoming teachers, nurses, janitors, factory workers or military servants.  

I plan to have a long, successful career in many fields and i feel it is my duty grab the opportunities which are available to me and make the most of it. So I would therefore argue that we are NOT what we do. We create our own futures, we dream our own dreams and how we choose to re-enact those dreams is entirely up to us. What we do in this life is of our own doing and what we become is our legacy. 

Picture source: http://mappio.com/mindmap/creativeinspiration/choices-mind-map


2 thoughts on “We are what we do…but are we really?

  1. Johnlyn says:

    Thanks for the honourary mention. I believe that passion drives you and after 7 years of studying law, I cannot imagine having studied anything else. I'm teaching for this year and I believe that this experience will also contribute to my formation. God has such a rich inheritance for us all and we have to be open to possibility or rather probability of him changing our course. Love the article and your insights are real.


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