We are afraid of the wrong things

I’m afraid of spiders and snakes. I’m afraid of Rottweilers and lions. Moths and lizards really give me the jeepers creepers and I simply despise rats and pigeons.

I’m afraid of balloons that go pop and cupboards that slam on your fingers. Cyclists riding on highways gets my tummy all tied up in knots and I’m always overly cautious when placing anything in the oven for fear of searing my skin. I’m afraid of sleeping with the windows open and when I was little I used to dream of a wicked witch climbing through my window with her broom stick and hacking me to death.

I’m afraid of getting hijacked or raped. I’m afraid of being brutally murdered or losing a loved one to a gruesome murder. I’m afraid of people in positions of authority who have the ability to abuse that authority.

I’m afraid of being in an abusive relationship. I’m afraid of my voice being silenced as a result of a dictatorship government or losing my identity amongst the millions of people who walk this earth everyday.

I’m afraid of conforming to a certain way of life because it’s easier for everyone else to deal with or agreeing with ‘the majority’ to avoid awkward confrontation or fear of being shunned. I’m afraid of being mediocre and boring.

I’m afraid of getting old and regretting not doing enough in my lifetime. I’m afraid of never reaching my full potential or being resigned to a life without substance because of a major traumatic incident or a life threatening disease.

I’m afraid that no matter how spectacular my life is or how much I retaliate against the norm, that my individualism will one day amount to nothing more than ordinary. I’m afraid that my children will think that their mother lived a pretty conventional life.

I have so many fears and maybe I am afraid of the wrong things most of the time, but my biggest fear in life would be to not truly LIVE! Fulton Oursler said that: ”many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves – regret for the past and fear of the future.” Personally I choose to neither harbour fear or regret and although it is easier said than done the things in life worth having are never easily gained, so here’s to the past and to the exciting unknown future which lies ahead.

Picture source: http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs36/f/2008/269/a/e/This_Is_Me__Afraid__by_naaera.jpg


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