I have a dream

I dream of a world where stereotypes are unheard of. A world where the colour of your skin is irrelevant. A world where people are rewarded according to their achievements and not their status. A world where your income bracket does not define your class.

I dream of a world where companies’ recruitment drives are fuelled by a need for talented individuals and not their BEE quota. A world where black is the colour of tar and not a darker shade of brown. A world where white is the colour of clouds and and not a milky caramel colour. A world where children don’t need to be confused by the colour spectrum because the only race that exists is the human race.

I dream of a world with a government who’s main agenda is to develop and improve the nation. A world where government coffers are half empty because they spend so much investing in their people and their country. A world where politics is not based on racial battles, fraud, ego’s or hidden agendas. A world where people are seen as human beings and the driving force of a nation.

I dream of a world where gunfire, atomic bombs and nuclear warfare belong to a decade long forgotten. A world where children can play freely without having to ever handle a loaded gun. A world where people have the freedom to express themselves without being persecuted. A world where freedom of speech is actually honoured and peaceful protests are the order of the day.

I dream of a world where peace, hope, prosperity, freedom, liberalism and expression are not just empty words without action. I dream of a new South Africa, which is not defined by it’s past, but it’s future. A South Africa where democracy is not just a political classification, but a way of life for all individuals. A South Africa where hands are not held out in fists but in solidarity with our fellow citizen and a common vision which is shared by all who live here.

 I dream of a better tomorrow.

Picture source: http://www.treehugger.com/holding-hands-peace-planet-earth-painted.jpg


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