Fish falling from the sky

Isn’t it weird how people try so hard to control everything nowadays, from the traffic to the weather. Everywhere you go there are preventative measures in place or crisis plans prepared in case the unforeseen should happen. We try so hard to control every aspect of life to accommodate our lifestyles, without really appreciating that certain things are best left untouched and in it’s natural state.

The temperature in your car is controlled by your air conditioning, the texture of your hair is controlled by what hair products you use or for those who are fortunate enough a GHD, your wonky teeth are forced to stand at attention by carefully fitted braces, the lighting in your living room is controlled by a dimmer switch and even the number of  steps you take everyday can be carefully calculated by a pedometer.

With all these measures of control that surround us, it’s a bit of a comfort to know that there are still certain things that are beyond our control, like your umbrella turning inside out in a rain storm, or belching after finishing a can of ice cold coke, or getting sand stuck between your toes after a day at the beach or your ice-cream melting on a hot Summers day or being the last one to hold the cute little baby, just at the moment he/she needs a nappy change (good luck).

Fish falling from the sky might be an unbelievable phenomenon for some but for me it just stands to show that when you least expect it the universe can surprise you with something so spectacular and who’d have thought it could all be done without anyone really being in control?

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3 thoughts on “Fish falling from the sky

  1. Johnlyn says:

    Short and sweet:) Most things are beyond our control and I think that when you realise this, you've realised that you're getting wiser and older and there's nothing you can do about it… The older part. lol


  2. Saiswaroopa Sara says:

    Thanks for the wonderful insight.I just wokeup with that dream where i could see all sorts of fish big ,small,falling one after the other from the sky but could not find their bodies on the groud.So in a way they were falling when i looked up and they disppered when i looked down.
    This is what i found about its interpretation on the web:
    fish falling from the sky: A sign that prayers will be heard and that the dreamer will beat his enemies and be promoted.


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