I’m surrounded and bombarded by words,
which define words, 
which classify words, 
which describe words, 
which in the end are undefined.
And though there be a million dictionaries, thesauruses and encyclopedias, 
they fail to define with words, what words are. 
And so I am also, undefined. 
I cannot be classified or identified or even just described by one word, which in itself is indescribable.
And yet, as it is, society has managed to conjure up one word,
based on my birth name which supposedly describes me. 
”Effervescent” it says in the book of names, 
which inevitably are just words. 
One word which makes me sound like a fizzy Barocca capsule in a nutshell.
Then again, who came up with these stupid words anyway?
Since words cannot be defined and words cannot define me, my boundaries are endless and more complex than you would ever dare to dream and I…

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