What is the colour of the wind?

The wind is invisible. It’s boundaries are infinite and it can never be contained. It knows no fear or hesitation. The wind follows it’s own intuition, coming and going when it pleases and turning our worlds upside down at the most inopportune times.

It pushes and pulls us, prods and pokes us. It is unpredictable and shows up at our doorstep when we least expect. It causes havoc, throws trees from side to side in a jealous rage, blows sand across highways leaving us blinded and then unexpectedly restores the order with a gentle breeze.

The wind embraces it’s invisibility and plays tricks on everyone; pretending to be asleep, but in reality it lurks in the near distance unseen to the human eye. The wind is fickle and aloof, never touching the ground for very long and never settling into one place for very long.

The wind harbours secrets of lovers whispered on a calm breeze. It carries the tears and heartache of those left behind and the hopes of a better tomorrow follows it wherever it may roam. Where it’s headed we will never know, but it is never very far away, always waiting, lurking in the distance.

Picture Source: http://wallpapers.free-review.net/12_~_Wind_Serenity.htm 


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