If I were the boss

I’ve always fantasized about the way I would run a business one day when I was in charge. Granted most of my ideas were probably formulated in the workplace when faced with a desk piled high with paperwork and a superior giving me instructions on what to do, how to do it and when to do it.

Over the years I’ve had many jobs, ranging from waitressing to consulting and as a result of these experiences I’ve encountered many different management styles. Some of which I agreed with, others which aggravated me, but all of which I’ve learnt from. And so drawing from these experiences I have developed my own management plan encompassing five main areas.

Firstly, I would promote self management. I have always believed that individuals know their own capabilities better than anyone else and that micro management is a waste of time. If everyone were self sufficient and managed their own time and responsibilities effectively, I believe we could accomplish so much more in a single day.

Next, I would implement a flat organisational structure to encourage better interaction amongst employees from all sectors of the organisation and also improve the flow of communication throughout the company. Third, I would promote transparency within the organisation, so that employees on the ground were kept in the loop with what directors and supervisors were planning. This would promote trust within the organisation and also improve communication. In this way all employees would feel that they are part of the planning and growth of the business, creating a stronger, more unified image for the organisation.

The fourth thing I would do is promote ownership within the company. After working in varying industries the one thing that I have always felt lacking was a sense of pride and commitment from employees when measuring their loyalty to an organisation. It is my belief that in order to take pride in something one first needs to feel as if you have played a part in building the project and that your role in the organisation is valued and acknowledged. By focusing on individual performance and achievement I believe it is possible to achieve a sense of pride.

Lastly, I would implement development within the organisation. I am a firm believer in life long learning and that no one is ever too old to learn new skills. I would give employees the opportunity to study further and also have ongoing courses, so that all employees were constantly training to become better professionals and acquiring new tools which would benefit them both personally and in the workplace. I feel that this would promote self worth, ambition, drive and allow individuals to fully utilize their potential.

Sometimes I think bosses just get it all wrong and forget about the little things. They complicate matters by implementing too many rules and structures which are not always necessary to run a successful company. Sometime one just has to remember the K.I.S.S. factor, Keep It Simple Stupid!

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