Two people come out of a building and into a story

The story begins as all age old fables do: Once upon a time there were two little boys with very big dreams. Emmett and Silas were best friends who grew up in the same apartment block, attended the same school and did virtually everything together. To the outside world they were inseparable and to each other they were a lifeline.

The boys were raised in the heart of poverty and their apartment building represented the crippling future of their neighbourhood where gun fire, drug smuggling and prostitution were the order of the day. Both the boys mothers were em-brawled in the ‘neighbourhood industry’ and their fathers were one of many men in the area who had relations with their mothers.

The boys were taught that life was a game of survival tactics, that what they saw was the only future they would ever know and that the furthest they would roam from home were the boarders of this neighbourhood. But one day the two boys grew up walked out of the building which had crippled them all their lives, down the road with gun fire blasting and crossed over the boarders of the neighbourhood which for so long had been their fortress and their jail and they discovered a world very different from the one they knew.

Emmett and Silas discovered a world where big dreams were encouraged and possibilities were endless. A life where change, compassion, love, ambition and hope were not just words they read in decaying books at school. They walked out of a building and into a story, the story of their life.

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