They call it growing up

I long for the days when the only time I had to manage was play time and the only investments I made were at the corner shop, buying Chappies bubblegums at 5c a pop. The days when the only people who could hold me accountable were my parents and self discipline was an exercise in bladder control.

I miss the days when managing my reputation meant being popular amongst other tots and my only responsibility was to tidy up my play area. Days when my most valuable asset was a Baby-love doll that could eat and wee all at the same time. Who came up with that great idea anyway? 
I remember days when my only concern was how many games I could play, how many trees I could climb, how many friends there were to laugh with and how many times my mother would call me in for dinner before I got a spanking. Days when my only binge diet consisted of mud pies and swimming naked at the beach because I forgot my bathing suit was considered cute. 
I long for the days when swinging was only done at play parks and ‘crap’ was a bad word. The days when Kideo was action packed entertainment, when little blue Smurfs were the only posters on my bedroom wall and Barney was my biggest role model. Days when getting an applause was as easy as learning to walk or pooping in the toilet instead of your pants.
These days are long gone now and somewhere in the course of life that little girl became a woman and learnt that ‘grown up life’ consists of budgets and planning. That playing games could get you into trouble, that people hold you accountable for what you say and do, that relationships are not as easy as Barbie and Ken make them out to be and that climbing trees will not get you any closer to your dreams. 
I’ve heard they call it growing up!


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