A tale of friendships, old and new

I spent some time in the company of some ‘new’ friends this weekend and got to thinking about something I once overheard somewhere. I don’t recall when or where or the exact words, but the just of it was this: when you get to the point in your life when your friends start agreeing with everything you say and stop challenging your thinking; your actions or your lifestyle, it’s time to start thinking about making new friends. I do believe that whoever said that knew exactly what they were on about and possibly had a similar experience to the one I’ve had.

After being away from home (Cape Town) for two years and re-connecting with many of my old friends upon my return, I found that many things had changed, yet so many things had stayed the same. I had done a lot of growing up while away and had changed in many ways and needless to say my friends had done the same. We had all grown in different ways. Some of us grew up, some of us grew apart, some grew taller and some grew fatter.

One thing that bothered me was that in many of my friendships the essence of the relationship had stayed the same, i.e. the friendship had not grown or evolved. As a result of this, we were always in agreement, there were no challenges in sight and the world was at peace, meaning that there was little or no growth in sight.

It was then that I realised that it was time to make some new friends and I can honestly say that as a result I’ve been challenged in ways I never dreamed possible, I’ve grown and learnt so much and I’m still learning everyday. I’ve met some beautiful people who make me believe in the impossible and also allow me to impart things into their lives.

I value my old and new friends greatly. My old ones for the part they’ve played in my life thus far and for the great people they are and my new ones for constantly challenging my point of view and allowing me to be a part of their life journey too.

Here’s to friendships, old and new!


9 thoughts on “A tale of friendships, old and new

  1. Anonymous says:

    the one thing i always admire about you is that you are very real… which is rare! i didn't expect anything less from this blog either – good reading. i'm starting to think that this is real and not just an assignment… well at least i hope it is cause i am really enjoying it and this comment is not fake. dorianne


  2. natasha says:

    I too believe that this blog will be a success 'coz as I've always said with conviction “no one says it better than Charne”.

    On the point of friendship: I too have found myself needing to expand my circle; reconnecting with old pals and meeting a whole bunch of new ones along the way. I'll never exchange and will always cherish the friends I have 'coz it goes beyond a “lekker jol” and a “mad party”; it's good, wholesome and real – but it's major fun getting to know the other characters out there!

    Keep Safe! Tash 😀


  3. Johnlyn says:

    This blog was inspired by our weekend in Hout Bay – BARE IT ALL game.lol. Dorianne is right in saying that this is more than just a writing assignment.This is life!


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