In an attempt to not completely screw up my first blog post and use the topic ‘I am’ in the most creative way I could think of, I decided to write a poem. The concept is loosely based on John Clare’s poem of the same name. So, here goes.

I am inquisitive and adventurous
I wonder how many people actually live a purposeful life
I hear the city buzzing around me
I see people rushing by
I want to ask them where they’re headed in life
I am inquisitive and adventurous

I pretend to know what I’m doing and where I’m going, when in reality I’m lost
I feel like a big red balloon floating in the sky
I touch thin air with my fingertips
I worry that I wont fulfil my full potential
I cry secretly whenever I watch a sad movie
I am inquisitive and adventurous

I understand that you have to believe in yourself first, before anyone else will
I say that you’ve only got one life, so make it count
I dream about travelling the world and meeting all sorts of interesting people
I try to invest in people’s lives
I hope that they have a bigger dream too
I am inquisitive and adventurous


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